Trade Zones International (TZI), operated by The Ficel Group of Companies, is one of the most well-established promotional and liquidation companies in Canada.

TZI provides manufacturers, retailers and distributors with creative, cost effective alternatives for the sale of closeouts, overstock and unwanted merchandise. We, in turn, provide our customers with an opportunity not previously afforded them. We have developed a strong supplier and customer base throughout the Americas and abroad. We recognize the needs of our suppliers. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, our offices also extend into the United States, Latin America, New Zealand and Israel. TZI has developed liquidation programs for companies of all sizes and can handle programs that are as small as single pallet quantities, to deals that are multiple container or trailer load quantities. Our shipping capabilities are not restricted by borders.

Trade Zones International has successfully serviced companies with management of excess inventories and liquidation efforts for over 25 years. Each partner company receives a confidential consultation and effective management of inventory liquidation, carefully maximizing cost recovery.

Trade Zones International consistently maintains an A credit rating and is financially poised to handle any volume of inventory available.

From inventory liquidation, to consignment services, TZI is prepared to help you better manage your asset recovery.

Experience That Makes A Difference

Trade Zones International offers a team of industry veterans. TZI consists of principals that can provide over 70 years of experience in the business, with access to sources worldwide. In addition to our vast knowledge of the distribution industry, we are experts in both the purchase and movement of excess inventory including discontinued, obsolete and / or overstocked product. With today's ever-changing retail and manufacturing environment, we are also positioned to provide alternate opportunities for the movement of excess inventory.

Why use Trade Zones International?

We can turn your undesirable inventory into cash thus increasing your working capital.

  • TZI can, in many instance, purchase all of your unwanted inventory to completely eliminate your problem stock
  • TZI will, through our creative programs, help to eliminate excess overhead and operating costs required to carry and finance undesirable inventory
  • TZI will eliminate the additional costs of manpower required to sell and manage overstock / excess inventory
  • TZI will handle all logistics of product movement thus eliminating time, resources and costs

Our management techniques and programs will allow your valuable time to be freed, allowing you to focus on your profitable core business, and the growth and development of your company.